Our Writers

 Kelly Caldwell: Editor

"I’m a Crimson and White wearing, ROLL TIDE yelling Southern Girl that spends working hours doing what I love even if my older sister considers it homework! After several years in the newspaper business, I returned to my roots of Lake Wedowee and along with my parents launched Lake Wedowee Life magazine. What a long, strange trip it’s been! Some of my interests include Alabama and TROY football, painting, photography, movies (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is an all-time favorite) and playing on Lake Wedowee. I am addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper, Pinterest and Blue Bell Pralines and Cream ice cream."

Amanda Causey: Writer & Photographer

"i am a single mom of one eight year old little man (mr. b). i have a lot of different interests and can't seem to stick to one particular type of project. i blog on my craft website & own a photography business. i love: spending time with my family, cooking & eating good food, sky watching, huggin' trees, pickles, Christmas, movies, making stuff, MUSIC {the louder the better}, frozen cool whip, books, purses, trying to save the world, shoes, sun dried clothes, taking photographs, the environment, smelling play-doh and pinterest."
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Lavoy Caldwell: Ad Sales
& Contributing Writer
"Hi, I’m Lavoy Caldwell, along with my wife Leisel and daughter Kelly founded a lifestyle magazine called Lake Wedowee Life six years ago. Launched on a wing and a prayer, Lake Wedowee Life has grown from 36 pages in the premier edition to 84 pages in our most recent edition, this growth would not have been possible without the dedication of our friends and advertisers. My passions are many and quite diverse from Crimson Tide football to cooking for friends and family; I enjoy telling a good story ( if it is good enough will tell more than once), I have the utmost respect for the men and women who have served in our armed forces, I enjoy all shooting sports, hunting and even a bit of fishing. The love of my life are 2 little boys, 3 young ladies, 1 young man (by proxy) and this great lady whom I have had the pleasure of calling my wife for the past 40 years. Oh, did I say Crimson Tide football, Hey Jack….ROLL TIDE!"
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Leisel Caldwell: General Manager
& Contributing Writer

"Most people know me because of being a real estate agent/broker for more than 30 years but the best business decision I have ever made is being part of creating Lake Wedowee Life magazine. We are now completing our 5th year for Lake Wedowee Life and have grown exceptionally even in a bad economy. I found my true calling and passion in marketing small town life and small businesses in the south. You could say I have found my Mojo... literally I am the owner of a Pug named Mojoe. He is my 3rd Pug and makes me smile by just looking at his ugly face. What do I love beside my Pug... my "girls", my "boys", my Sunset Point family, the porch, Alabama football (this one is a little bit forced upon me), gadgets, free stuff on the internet, a grilled steak cooked by Lavoy, a good massage, and soaking in the tub."

"I live on Lake Wedowee with my husband Carlton and two sons, Zach and Caleb(when they're not at college). We share our home also with a spoiled Maltese, a black Lab and a Golden Retriever. When not painting furniture, searching for new treasures and creating all things shabby I like to spend time on Lake Wedowee, tailgating at Auburn football games and anything else that includes my family."

Tracy Faulkner Carpenter: Contributing Writer
"Tracy is the name my parents gave me at birth. But throughout my life I have been given many other names, such as Mama, Martha Stewart, Jelly Bean or the Cake Lady. My favorite, however, would have to be what my late husband used to call me, “baby doll”. He called me this from the time we started dating up until our middle son came in from grade school one day and informed us of the meaning of the word doll. He announced with a huge grin on his face and sparkling blue eyes that daddy was calling mama an empty-headed play thing. You can imagine the fun we had with that word from then on. Life is too short not to laugh at yourself! I enjoy spending time with my three handsome sons and playing with my energetic Yorkie (Ace), star gazing, watching movies and attending church. I am a Faulkner graduate and love learning new things. I am probably most well known for my artistic abilities and baking an occasional cake or two. I love cooking for my family and friends and there is always room at our table for one more. So come on over!"

Contributing Writer:
Hooked on Lake Wedowee

"Bonny and I have been married almost thirty years, and we have never fussed over money. We don't have any to fuss over. We love fishing lake Wedowee year round and hopefully we can share our best experiences with the readers of this great magazine. See you on the lake!"
Contact Bonny & Wendell here.

Brian Morris: Contributing Writer
"I live to fish and work my tail off for my clients to have a great time and good homegrown memories on Lake Wedowee."

Charley Norton: Contributing Writer
"I must like tearing things up so I can put them back together because I'm always doing it. I like working on old stuff. Houses, cars, furniture and the like. I love riding the lake with the family, camping on the peninsula and "wrenching" on my hot rod in the garage while watching movies with a lot of death and destruction in them. I really like the stories I hear ( true and false) from all the people I meet and bacon, I like bacon. Burnt and crispy or soft and chewy, really doesn't matter. Eating bacon while riding in my hotrod with a friend whose telling me a story about an old hot rod he found in a barn somewhere would probably be the ultimate."

Andy Petty: Contributing Writer
Andy's Movie Reviews

"I'm a true cinephile, on a lifelong mission to see any and all films in no particular order and to know all things related to creating a motion picture that can change your life. At a young age I started learning directors/producers/cinematographers and following their body of work, and my mission didn't end there. I pride myself on having a knowledge that is virtually impossible to make money off from. Film studios, ratings and release dates - it's kind of obsessive. Tried my passion in Hollywood and attended the New York Film Academy and discovered my ultimate passion in life is photography. I enjoy exploring the Alabama countryside and finding that special image that defines what it's like living in the south - and making it my own. If I'm not exploring the road less traveled with my camera, I'm watching the latest flicks from all over the world. Nothing is off limits!"

 Tom Scott: Illustrator
"I have been painting for over 30 years. Having studied visual design at Auburn University, I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. I’m known for my commission paintings of landscapes, waterscapes and human interest scenes. My work is primarily in private collections."


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