Sunday, September 15, 2013

Aggravated By A Bass’ Personality

Hooked on Lake Wedowee
 by Wendell & Bonny Huddleston

It's amazing how different  personalities are from one person to another. My brother and I have always been morning people...up and at ‘em. The complete opposite of our sisters which used to drive them crazy. Saturday mornings were the best, they thought they were gonna sleep in. Wrong! After all it was our job to aggravate.

Bass are no exception they have different personality traits also. Some bass homestead around a piece of cover and ambush their prey while others will swim in schools and give the shad a constant hard time, following them everywhere. This time of year you can catch fish any time, but most of the time early in the morning and late in the evening is best...when the sun isn't so bright.

I went fishing one evening two weeks ago and caught twelve bass in a short amount of time. The next morning I got up before daylight went back to the same spot and zeroed. I couldn't help but think ‘Is it possible these fish are like my sisters?’ More active in the evening? It does seem like I catch more fish in the evenings. Then again maybe I'm not on top of my game early in the morning, who knows?

The next time you get off of work and have a free evening try the evening bite you never know you may catch the fish of a lifetime. Lake Wedowee sure has been good to me in the evenings.


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