Monday, July 1, 2013

An Alluring Confidence for Your Bait

Hooked on
Lake Wedowee
 by Wendell & Bonny Huddleston

I have people ask me all the time what lure to throw, or what is my favorite lure. My favorite way to catch a bass is on a top water plug, but that won't work all the time so you have to experiment and see what the fish want. Bonny has no problem tying on different lures for hours until she finds something that works, but I'm too hard headed for that. I'll fish a lure until I'm convinced it’s not going to work. 

One thing I do know is that if you don't have confidence in a particular lure you won't fish it correctly. In the small bass club I fish in I can tell by who won as to what kind of lure was working. We have one guy who is a rattle trap expert, another who is a buzz bait pro, and one who is a jig master, and so on. I know this because all of us fishermen have our "go to baits", you know the one we have the most confidence in. While that’s not always the case, most of the time it’s true to form. I remember one hot Sunday a friend came up from Auburn. We went to church, out to eat and then we went fishing. 

My friend brought his rods and tackle, but forgot his change of clothes. He was fishing a lure like I've never seen on 80 LBS. braid on a Muskie rod. I thought he was crazy or the heat had gotten to him or something. He had a lot of confidence in this lure, but I was sure he would not catch a thing. WRONG, he gave me fishing lessons that day, in my boat, on my home lake and wearing Sunday clothes in the middle of the day. If you have a favorite lure that you have a lot of confidence in, you have to throw it on Lake Wedowee. 

Remember our lake is over populated with spotted bass, this will increase your confidence in that lure. I’m still looking for that antique lure my friend was throwing. See you on the lake.


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