Monday, July 1, 2013

A Little Shabby Patio

 Not Too Shabby
 by Lynn Amason

 I was looking for a box to put a small herb garden in and found this!  It was perfect because it was already built and even better was that it had some age to it.

I rescued it from a barn….it had a former life as a firewood box.

I decided to just give it a little facelift with a dry brush technique.  It worked well on this piece because the grain was raised from being weathered.  I chose white to give it some contrast with the gray wood and to compliment my patio.

The process is simple:  Barely dip your brush in your paint then “dab” it off on a paper towel.  Then just brush it on your piece lightly and randomly.  Step back and take a look, if you think it needs more then repeat or if you are pleased with the look you are done!  You want it to look random and not completely cover it with paint.

 Here she is all shabby, proudly displaying my patio herb garden!

 It is fun finding things to give new life to.  If you look around you might just find something you can rescue and make “Not Too Shabby”.

Lynn Amason loves to create treasures from other people’s “trash.” You can find her scouting for deals or repurposing her finds.


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