Monday, June 3, 2013

Secluded Paradise on Lake Wedowee

Home on the Lake
Story  by Kelly Caldwell
Photos by Amanda Causey

Robin and Doug Bruton have always been "lake people" but their home lake hasn't always been Lake Wedowee.

"We always went to Lake Altoona with my parents," Robin said. "But, after we lost them it was too much for me to go back there."

The Brutons' had other family on Lake Wedowee and one Fourth of July holiday the pair came over for a visit.

"We were familiar with the lake, but that trip sparked out interest in buying out here," Doug said.
Their first purchase was a home in the Swag Cove area of the lake but it didn't fit their needs and on a whim, the pair started exploring.

"When we found this house we really weren't thinking of buying because we already had a house," Doug said. "But we fell in love with the location and the house."

The Brutons' bought their home on Creek Run in 2006, but it didn't exactly fit their needs.

"Doug's wheels are always turning and he likes projects," Robin said. "The basement wasn't finished and we really wanted more room. So we got to work."

Enlisting the design services of Max Fulbright, the Brutons' not only revamped the interior of the home by  relocating the kitchen and adding a screened porch with outdoor fireplace, they also built a three story detached garage with an apartment on the third floor.

"We have family in Arizona and when it gets to hot out there in the summer, they come here," Robin said. "So we wanted to have room for everyone."

The couple also wanted the feel of the mountains at the lake and different elements of their home are reminiscent of a lodge in the mountains.

"The screened porch is my favorite room in the house," Robin said. "It's cozy with the fireplace and then you have all the sounds of nature to go with it."

In landscaping the outside of the home, the Brutons' also added a feature that's quite unique. The home features a fountain in front of the home that travels down a waterfall into a collecting pool at basement level.
"It's something different that we love," Robin said. "This is our forever home and it's a place we want our children and grandchildren to enjoy."



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