Monday, June 3, 2013

Repurposed History Home on Lake Wedowee

Home on the Lake
Story by Kelly Caldwell
Photos by Amanda Causey

When Lonnie and Cookie Smith built their home on Lake Wedowee, they knew one thing... They didn't want it to look new.

In 2008, the couple dismantled Cookie's parents house in South Carolina taking great care to preserve as much of the home as possible.

"If my mother could see this house, she would be amazed," Cookie said. "Their home was very basic and simple."

The old home place was a two-bedroom, 1,000 square foot farmhouse.

"We were able to reclaim a great deal of the materials," Lonnie said. "And, the Brian Stephens (our builder) made the most of it."

The main level features a great deal of materials from the old home including cypress cabinets in the kitchen as well as oversized doors made from the  rafters and floor joists.

"Underneath the asbestos siding was cypress board and batten, we were able to use that for the cabinets in the kitchen," Lonnie said.

"Her dad built the old house and was probably close to 100 years old when we began the process," Cookie said. "We spent 27 days (not all at once) dismantling the old house."

Being able to reclaim the materials, gave the Smiths new home an aged feel but the couple also wanted modern conveniences.

"We have geothermal heat pumps and spray foam insulation in the home," Lonnie said.

The floors on the main level are tongue and groove heart pine while the log posts in the entryway were from a friend that had leftover  material from his mountain home.

"We lost some of the material to theft and weather but we used what we had," Cookie said.

The Smiths discovered Lake Wedowee by browsing the classifieds of their local newspaper.

"We saw an ad that said 'we make new houses look old,'" Lonnie said. "That intrigued me and when we met them, they started talking about Lake Wedowee.

"They bought the lot in 2005 before Hunter Bend Phase 4 had been released to the public.

" The streets weren't paved here yet when we bought," Lonnie said. "We selected this lot because there are two islands out there and we have big water views in both directions. We really liked the view potential on this lot."

The Smiths continue with finishing touches on their property with landscaping.

"Ann Hammond did our stone walkway leading to the water," Lonnie said. "It's a work in progress but we love the home and everything we have done here."


Absolutely beautiful, it must have taken a lot of love and patience and I admire you all for it. I pray God's blessings upon you and all who enter this lovely home

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