Monday, June 3, 2013

Reflections of Lake Wedowee

Hooked on
Lake Wedowee
 by Wendell & Bonny Huddleston


I was reflecting on the past the other day and couldn't help but smile. Wedowee and I have changed over the years. I remember my first fishing trip. My uncle Steve picked me up, I think I was twelve years old. We went to this pond way out in the woods. When we pulled up to the bank of the pond, my uncle pulled the flat bottom boat out of the truck and slid it down to the water, he mounted the trolling motor on the back then pulled the battery out of the truck to run the trolling motor. Even at twelve years old I remember thinking I sure hope we don't run the battery down. I still have my first tackle box that my uncle gave me for my birthday. It had a form inside that you filled out and mailed in to have a name plate made for it. 

Today I fish out of a bass boat with three batteries in it and my truck battery stays in the truck. Bonny has given me fishing tackle for birthdays, Christmas, etc. that I'm ashamed to tell you what they cost. But you know all of this would be for nothing if Wedowee hadn't changed also. Sure I could go fishing other places, but I love Wedowee. Of course I realize I'm prejudice mainly because as a high school senior in 1980 at Randolph County High School I remember looking down at the old Highway 48 bridge and thinking... I don't think they are going to have enough water to cover that up...not to mention make it 60 to 70 feet under water. The new 431 wasn't there yet. My parents live in the north end of the county and we had to drive to Wedowee on what now is old 431. 

Now the lake is here and attracting all kinds of people and businesses. In 1980 I couldn't have imagined the impact the lake was going to have. I know the economy has been tough here lately, but without the lake I'm sure it would be much worse. I love Lake Wedowee, it is good for all of us. I've heard people say between memorial day and labor day you don't recognize any one in the grocery store, now that’s got to be good for the economy. Without the lake Im not sure what we would have, but odds are we wouldn't have a boat dealership, or even have a Lake Wedowee Life magazine. 

Even if you don't have a boat, fish, ski, or swim at Flat Rock Park you have to say thank you to Lake Wedowee. Enjoy the lake, I know I will. Bonny gave me a lifetime fishing license and I plan on wearing them out. See you on the lake.


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