Monday, June 3, 2013

Embracing the Lake Life Home on Lake Wedowee

Home on the Lake
 Story by Kelly Caldwell
Photos by Amanda Causey


Before Joe and Joy Jones bought their lake house in October 2009, they considered themselves beach people.

"We would go to the beach four or five times a year at least," Joe said. "But now, we may go once a year."
The Joneses second home is in Bent River subdivision and they didn't intend to purchase a home as large as their primary home in Bremen.

"We really were looking for a small cabin, but we couldn't find it," Joy said. "But we have made this house our home at the lake."

On our tour of their home the Joneses were especially proud of their brick walkway that leads down to their dock.

"We did it ourselves and it changed a lot over the course of the project," Joy laughed. "It started as just a landing and then continued to evolve over time.

"We actually worked on it so long that we had to get two permits from Alabama Power Shoreline Permitting," Joe added.

The pathway utilizes re purposed brick from around the area.

"It's amazing what people will give away if you are willing to haul it off and ask nicely," Joe said.

The couple have embraced the Lake Wedowee lifestyle and participate in local events like the Fourth of July Boat Parade.

"Our first year we definitely were the boat to remember," Joy said. "We didn't win, but people still talk about us."

The group had a Miss America theme complete with pageant gowns. Their crew was prominently featured in the August/September 2010 issue of Lake Wedowee Life.

"It was so hot that we had several of our pageant girls jump in dress and all while we waited for results," Joy said.

The Joneses have fallen in love with Lake Wedowee and enjoy their home year round.

"The community really is really special," Joy said. "We love the small town charm that we have here and because we are so close to our first home, we enjoy it all year long."


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