Monday, June 3, 2013

Designer Lake Living Home on Lake Wedowee

Home on the Lake
Story  by Kelly Caldwell
Photos by Amanda Causey

A work in progress is how Brian Weaver describes his home known as "Take It Easy" on Lake Wedowee.
"When you do it yourself, you are never really finished," Brian laughed.

Brian and his wife Mary along with his in-laws originally bought their lake lot in Hunter Bend in 2006 but just recently completed the home last year.

"My in laws decided they were more beach people so we bought them out, but we were not in a hurry to build because we wanted everything to be just right," he said.

The Weavers along with their three children Grant, Stella and Lloyd would come over and camp for the day in tents in the beginning and then in a camper.

"That was tough packing up for our adventures on Lake Wedowee, but we have been using our place for a long time."

In fact their youngest child Lloyd, now 6, was the first to jump off the upper level of the dock four years ago.
"He is the wild one... We actually made the railing on the second floor higher so he couldn't climb it and jump," Weaver said.

As a prior profession, Brian worked as a stone mason and the attention to detail in the home is evident.
"We hope this is our forever home and we wanted it to be right and reflect us," Weaver said.

The four bedroom home features a mix of stone, brick, wood, metal and concrete.

"A lot of our subcontractors looked at us funny with some of our ideas," he said. "But, it all came together and we love it."

Mary was instrumental in not only picking out tile colors but also designing the patterns in the bathrooms.
"One of the guys told her she couldn't tile the sink top, so she stayed up one night and did it herself," Brian said. "You don't tell her she can't have what she wants.

"We  have a lot of stories about the process and we worked with some awesome people."

Weaver utilized local craftsman on things they couldn't do themselves including finishing the hardwood floors that were reclaimed heart pine.

"Charley Norton and Norton's Flooring did a great job on the floors," he said. "It was a process because we wanted them so dark, but the end result is terrific."



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