Monday, June 3, 2013

Creative Crafting: DIY Vintage Marquee Sign

Lake Wedowee Marquee
by Amanda Causey

It’s Lake Wedowee LIVE! No...seriously though light up your porch, entertaining area, or bedroom with this Lake Wedowee Marquee sign.  Vintage looking marquee signs are very popular right now and can be found fairly easy….for a price! I have found websites that offer marquee letters for $189 minimum per letter. Being the thrifty/crafty person that I am (which are other words for cheap) I knew I would be able to find a more economical way to make this happen.

Detailed instructions are available HERE, but this is a quick step by step so you can get an ideas of how to make your own. This project took about 3 hours to complete start to finish and a total of $30.  The materials I used were an overhead projector, 1/8 inch foam board, poster board, razor knife, pencil, hot glue gun, spray paint, power drill and string lights. (Sounds like a lot but not all of these items are required for the project.) 

I picked out a font I liked and printed onto a transparency sheet, placed on overhead projector and traced my letters onto foam board. You can do this free hand if you do not have a projector. After cutting them out with the razor knife, I drilled holes for my string lights with a power drill. This step can be done with the razor knife.. Using the hot glue gun, I then attached 2 inch strips of poster board to the edges. Spray paint with your favorite color and allow it to dry well. Carefully insert your bulbs and tuck the extra  cord behind the letters when you hang them.

 I would love to see photos of your project if you decide to make them!  Send them to us  at info@lakewedoweelife.com


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