Saturday, June 29, 2013

Celebrating Family Milestones

Celebrating Family Milestones

The Caldwell Clan loves a reason to celebrate. And beginning in a few short weeks, we will be preparing for party overload and this year most of them are significant milestones. 
Older sister kicks things off on July 13 (But I think she would kick me if I said her age…) But its baby sister Mary Lee that really gets things going on August 7. She turns 30. She doesn’t want a huge fuss made over her for it, but surviving this bunch for 30 years is a huge accomplishment… 
Then, my awesome parents (yes I believe that) celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary on August 11. They were babies when they tied the knot and while they admit it hasn’t always been shiny happy like this magazine, they do say it’s never been boring. 
On August 19, my daddy, known to the world now as PaPa, celebrates his 60th year on this earth.  He is one of the most generous people I know and the world has definitely been made a better place because he has been in it. 
The party continues in September with brother in law turning 40. He has been part of my family since older sister was 16 (still not telling you her age…) and I couldn’t ask for a better brother. 
The celebrations for the Caldwell Clan conclude in October when my nephew turns 10… That milestone is probably the strangest for me considering I still remember vividly getting the phone call that older sis was going to the hospital. We waited for a long time to welcome our next generation into the Caldwell Clan and I will never forget the joy we shared when brother in law came in the waiting room and announced he had a son. (They opted to keep the gender a surprise until birth so Luke had a lot of yellow and green clothing for the first few weeks of his life…) 
I look forward to party overload and I am thankful our family is close. But, I may need to take out a loan to pay for all these gifts… Or sell a lake house! Until next time...

Enjoy Life!
Kelly Caldwell


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