Monday, June 3, 2013

Appreciate Your Green Resources

 News to Know
 by David Corson & Lee Kelly

If you own property in Randolph County, there's a good chance you also own a few trees. We at Corson Tree Service appreciate that trees are both a pleasure and a nuisance; an asset and a liability. When they're not framing a beautiful sunset over the lake or providing much needed shade from the summer sun, they're dropping trash or threatening to fall on the garage. While trees can increase the value of a property, they also demand regular maintenance. The trick is knowing how to best maximize the benefits and minimize the risks. Here are a few tips to help manage your natural bounty.

Trees compete for nutrients and sunlight, and congestion often results in costly problems down the line. Congested trees grow taller and lop-sided as they reach for patches of sunlight in the canopy, and they also tend to be structurally weaker and more susceptible to disease. Though we're reluctant to remove any living tree, it's good to be intentional about what trees you want to keep and why. While buildings depreciate with time, trees and other green resources can appreciate, and easing congestion is an effective way of helping your favorite trees help themselves.

A common practice to alleviate risk and control the growth of troublesome trees is to considerably cut back the crown. Topping, though unsightly, is often thought to be the most effective way to reduce immediate danger. However, it's also considered an inappropriate practice by the International Society of Arboriculture. Topping frequently kills, and even trees that survive are at high risk of structural failure in the following years. Most importantly, a proper crown reduction, where limbs are systematically pruned to reduce size and weight, can achieve the intended result while preserving the natural health and beauty of the tree.

David Corson is the owner of Corson Tree Service. Check out his ad in Lake Wedowee Life!


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