Monday, May 6, 2013

Wedowee Marine to host charity ride

Wedowee Marine has been known for it customer service ever since Randy and Kathy Morris bought the marina several years ago. But, this year they are doing even more for the community.
“We are always busy during lake season and have been a part of community events like the cardboard boat races, Lake Wedowee Summer Jam and the Fourth of July Boat Parade,” Kathy Morris said. “But this year we wanted to do more.”

On Sunday June 9th, Wedowee Marine is hosting its first ever Waverunner Charity Ride.
“We hear all the time about our customers buying waverrunners and not having anyone to ride with them,” Kathy said. “So I wanted to do something fun, raise some money for charity and introduce people to other waverunner owners.”

The ride will begin at Wedowee Marine at 12:30 p.m. and it will cost $25 per personal watercraft. 

“We are fashioning this like all the charity bike rides we see on the road,” Kathy said. “It’s the same concept, we are just doing it on the water.”

The ride will last roughly 2 hours and the route is still being determined. 

“A lot of our customers have expressed interest in exploring with us that day,” Kathy said. “And we have even had people that are not on this lake that say they are coming down for it.”

For more information, call Wedowee Marine at 256.357.2045.


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