Monday, May 6, 2013

No Bite...No Problem Hooked on Lake Wedowee

Hooked on Lake Wedowee
 by Wendell & Bonny Huddleston


I have people come up to me all the time and say “I saw on Facebook where you are really catching the fish.”, or”I heard you caught a boat load last week.” Even when Kelly and Amanda put pictures in this magazine next to this column I hear all kinds of "head swelling" comments.

What you don't see are the fishing trips when I get skunked. I have a good friend who owns an online fishing tackle store. He is always bringing me lures to field test. So who am I to turn him down? 

I'll go out with the mind set to use one lure in different situations. Sometimes the conditions are wrong for the lure and I go home not having caught a fish, but I did gain some knowledge. I've been out scouting for an upcoming tournament and not caught a thing, and sometimes just plain ole didn't catch em. I said all that to say this... this is where Lake Wedowee excels. Every time I get to the boat ramp and slide the boat off the trailer the anticipation of what’s going to happen today really gets me excited. You see, it’s not just about catching fish, which by the way is why I'm out there. It’s about the things you can only see while out on the water. 

For instance, one day I was cruising down the lake and looked out over the bow to see a big buck swimming across the lake. I trolled along side of him to make sure another boat didn't hit him. He made it across and was so tired he just stood on the bank a few yards from me while he caught his breath, then just eased up in the woods. Another time I was fishing and saw five coyote pups way in the back of a slew playing just like puppies in your yard would. Another day I made a bad cast ( I know you can’t believe that) and the lure landed in a hedge bush and was bitten by a snake three times before it came out. I was scared to touch it so I cut my line. 

If you’re like Bonny and enjoy flowers, this time of year is the best time to not catch fish and just enjoy the lake. Our lake is so beautiful.    
The next time you’re out and the fish won’t bite don't fret, just look around and let Lake Wedowee brag on itself. I love Lake Wedowee even on those days I can’t catch anything.


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