Friday, May 3, 2013

Fun for All Coming this Summer on Lake Wedowee

Fun for All Coming this Summer on Lake Wedowee

You may notice a little something different with us right now. In January, we decided to change our publication schedule to better suit our audience and this is the first time we have ever published a May issue of Lake Wedowee Life. We will continue on a monthly schedule for a bit (June and July) and are super excited about our content in the issues to come!!

When we decided  to create this extra issue, I knew immediately this would be our "event issue." This will be the magazine to keep to know the events that are happening this summer in the Lake Wedowee area.

It begins this weekend with the unveiling of the Tanner/East Alabama campus and will continue through July. We have 30 events on our calendar, and we can safely say there has got to be something to do for everyone!

Being a born and raised Randolph County resident it makes me very proud to see how far we have come. When I was growing up there were very few annual community events, but now it seems like there is something to do every week.

Over the next few weeks, there are multiple concerts planned, an art show, boat parade and rodeo.  All of those events, however, require community participation to succeed and continue.

Some of the events are free to the public and some require a nominal fee, but what’s important is that those that do charge admission, it's usually because it is a fund raising effort of some sort whether it be for the Randolph County Sheriff’s Department, Brown Bag Buddies or the Randolph County Animal Shelter.

The Lake Wedowee area may be a small community, but  we have a lot of people in this area that know how to have a good time! And, thanks to the generous organizers of all these events in the area, we have something fun to do close to home.

So I urge each and every one of you to attend as many of these wonderful events as possible this summer. Be sure to check out  Lake Wedowee At a Glance to mark your calendars! See you there!

Enjoy Life

Kelly Caldwell


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