Sunday, August 21, 2011

Flat Rock Park on Lake Wedowee

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Story by Amanda Causey


If you go online and search Flat Rock Park, you won’t get too many results. It’s no secret that Flat Rock sees many visitors though. On any pretty summer day the park is bursting with activity.

“We had 813 visitors on Fourth of July weekend.” Park attendant John Powell said.
He and Bob Wood were keeping their eye on things the day I stopped by to speak to park visitors. Since May of this year the park has seen 22,265 visitors. 

“About 40 percent of our people are from Georgia. You’d be amazed of how many people come from that area.”,  Wood said. As he spoke those words a vehicle from Heard County, Georgia passed through the gates. 

Flat Rock Park is part of the Piedmont Plateau region located in the eastern United States between the Atlantic Coastal Plain and the main Appalachian Mountains, stretching from New Jersey to central Alabama

This graphic shows the Piedmont Plateau region.

 On the day of my visit it was overcast and the chance of rain was looming in the air. That did not stop visitors from piling in.  

Cousins Dakota & Brittney have fun playing in the
waters around Flat Rock.

“We come about an hour early so we can get a good spot.” Daniel Smith, of Anniston, said.  “The people here are always nice and everyone keeps to themselves here. You don’t have to worry about your kids here, you can relax and enjoy.” 

This is the Smith Family’s second visit to the park. 

 “Flat Rock Park is a lot nicer than some of the parks closer to our house.  It’s very clean." said Daniel’s wife Amber. 

“It’s also easier for disabled people to come and enjoy. They can drive their cars right down and it’s easy to get in and out of the water. That’s another reason we like coming here.”

Brittany Green enjoys bringing her small children to Flat Rock. 

Brittany Green & Family splash around at Flat Rock on Memorial Day Weekend.

“It’s a great place to come and have a birthday party for your children, or to come and grill hotdogs and hamburgers.” Green said. “We came out on Memorial Day to let the kids swim. We were out boating and pulled up so they could have a shallow area to stand.”    

Flat Rock is a day-use park with swimming, picnicking, fishing, and nature trail. It is open open May-September 9 am-8 pm. The park is located at 7115 Co. Rd. 870, in Lineville. Regardless if you are a property owner or not, Flat Rock Park is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon with the family on Lake Wedowee. 

The park is managed by The Alabama Power Company. Call 256-396-2338 for more information.


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