Monday, May 6, 2013

Enter The ‘Coolest’ Contest Around on Lake Wedowee This Summer

Ice Cream Contest
by Amanda Causey


Do you scream for ice cream? Are friends and family requesting your homemade ice cream every time you get together regardless of the season? Every time you discover a new sweet treat, do you wonder how it would taste in ice cream? If you've answered yes to more than one of these questions, here's a contest designed just for you

On June 16, we are hosting the first Lake Wedowee Homemade Ice Cream Contest. The afternoon isn’t limited to showcasing your culinary skills either. We will have separate ice cream eating contests as well. The event will take place at Wing and Things in Wedowee at 4 p.m.

“We are still in the early planning stages for this event. We are very excited and think this will be a wonderful time for all who attend.” stated Leisel Caldwell, event organizer.
The Recipe Contest will consist of three categories: Best Flavor, Most Unique Flavor and Best Presentation. The winner for each category will have their recipe featured in the July issue of Lake Wedowee Life magazine. Contestants must submit the recipe along with the finished product. 

The Ice Cream Eating Contest will have different age groups, with prizes awarded for each. The winners will also be recognized in the July issue of Lake Wedowee Life.
Part of the prize package will include ice cream from Blue Bell Creameries.
There will also be multiple flavors available for the public as well. 

Along with Lake Wedowee Life, Wings and Things and Blue Bell Creameries, Alabama Dairy Producers are also a sponsor of this fun-filled event. There will be activities for spectators as well. 

More details will be posted online and in the June issue of Lake Wedowee Life. There will also be entry forms on www.LakeWedoweeLife.com later this month.


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