Monday, May 6, 2013

Creative Crafting: Magnetic Cork Planters & Tablet Holder

Creative Crafting
by Amanda Causey

Magnetic Cork Mini Planters
I have a huge collection of corks. People always seem to want to collect and save things to give to me so that I can turn them into something new. For the past couple of years I have been trying to decide what to do with them  aside from storing them in empty plastic pickle jugs.  So, this is what I decided to try!

You will need an Exacto knife or sharp tool to carve the cork from the top. Mini magnets and hot glue are also needed.  Once you have a good depth for the cork  adhere your magnets and allow the hot glue to dry.  Use small plants that need little water (air plants or succulents or cacti  will work best) and insert them into your cork. Fill with dirt as needed to help secure the plant.

Cutting Board Tablet Holder
With the popularity of tablets and e-readers right now, more and more people are using tablets and digital cookbooks in the kitchen. I am definitely one of these included as I enjoy spending time in the kitchen making new things. It is so easy to grab your tablet and look up substitutions and conversions quickly!

I wanted to create a way to prop my tablet up so I could see it while I cooked.  I had this cutting board that I rarely use because it is smaller. I painted the edging with chalkboard paint so that I could make this a decoration when I am not using it. I used a scrabble tile holder along the bottom to hold the tablet. The back of the cutting board has a triangle cut piece of wood that I painted green to match.  Follow the directions with your chalkboard paint to ensure you  cure it correctly. I used industrial strength glue to adhere the bottom lip and the back bracing board. Enjoy your new kitchen tool and email us photos if you decide to make one!

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