Monday, April 1, 2013

Woodland Lady Cats Bring It Home

Woodland Lady
Cats Bring It Home

Sibling rivalry is something an only child has no clue
about... And it really is a shame. I am the middle child of
three daughters and it doesn't matter what it is, one of us
is better than the other two (even if it's in our own
minds.) So I can only imagine the conversations, years
from now between Trae, Courtney and Leah Strain.
"Well I played for the state title in football for Woodland,"
Trae might say.
"Yeah but you lost," Courtney and Leah would say in
"I still have the all time scoring record for the state of
Alabama," Courtney would counter.
"And how far did you get in the playoffs that year,"
Trae and Leah would snicker.
The bickering would escalate because that is what
happens between siblings at any age. But Leah, the
youngest of Strain children, has the ultimate trump card
at least for the foreseeable future.
The Lady Cats defeated Prattville Christian 64-53 on
March 1, and were led not only by baby sister but a host
of her cousins too. With the win in Birmingham, Woodland
welcomed home their first state champion team in
any sport.
All of the above is just a fun way to congratulate the
Woodland Lady Cats Basketball team on a job well
done, and I know without a doubt the Strain siblings are
proud of each other and couldn't be happier for all that
each has accomplished.
These 16 girls, coached by Larry Strain, should be
proud. An old basketball coach once told me that winning
a state title took three things... talent, coaching and
a little bit of luck. Well girls... All three aligned for you
and no one can take that winning feeling away.
So continue to enjoy the excitement and when you
get the rings, celebrate again!
Members of the 2013 State Champion Lady Cats team
include: Leah Strain, Amy Strain, Shalyn Strain, Shanna
Strain, Jaide Walker, Bailee Copeland, Paige Smith, Jordan
Williamson, Ami Birchfield, Andre Bowen, Katelyn
Sicotte, Laura Gembe, Jaycee Carter, Lauren Ware,
Madison Story and Makayla Ford.
Woodland Lady
Cats Bring It Home

Way to Go Girls!
Kelly Caldwell


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