Monday, April 1, 2013

LWPOA provides needed services on lake

News to Know
Story by Jim McAlear


Do you recognize the acronym LWPOA?  The Lake Wedowee Property Owners’ Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to making Lake Wedowee a safe, clean and pleasant place to live and visit.  Are you a member?  If not, we would like for you to join us in our endeavor.  All of our activities are made possible through our membership dues and many volunteer hours.  Some of the activities the Association is involved in include:

The LWPOA sent representatives to all meetings to protect the interests of the membership in the time of the water wars with Georgia and Florida and with the relicensing of Lake Martin, with its potential for affecting the water flow within our lake.  As well as all meetings concerning watershed management and public and governmental affairs related to Lake Wedowee
The LWPOA works closely with the Upper Tallapoosa Clean Water Partnership to educate land users, and identify and correct instances where runoff from unimproved roads and property carry silt into the lake.

The LWPOA works closely with the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) and the Alabama Water Watch (AWW) at Auburn University to constantly monitor the water through the network of Alabama waters of which LWPOA is an important part. The LWPOA has several water testers throughout the length of the lake that take monthly readings to monitor water quality of the lake.

The LWPOA installed mile markers and creek signs to aid boaters in their navigation and provide a location reference for those experiencing trouble or emergencies on the water.

The LWPOA sponsors a lake clean up every year where volunteers systematically travel the lake in the fall at low water to clean debris out of coves and the shore.
The past two years the LWPOA has collected and placed in the lake Christmas Tress for our Fish Habitat areas, you can visit the Alabama Power web site for gps locations.

The LWPOA in a joint effort with the Randolph County Chamber of Commerce, Alabama Power and Alabama Tourism Department have created a birding trail adjacent to the Fox Creek Boat Ramp off of west highway 48.

The LWPOA sponsors a Kid’s Fishing Day. The association furnishes 1,200 pounds of pond raised catfish. The fish are placed in Lake Wedowee in the area of Rice Pavilion, where the activities take place. Admission is free. Kids under the age of 16 are eligible to participate in the activities, including winning prizes for accurate casting and catching the biggest fish. LWPOA provides hot dogs and soft drinks during the day and has drawings for door prizes.

The LWPOA sponsors a picnic free to members and their immediate family that provides us with a great opportunity to enjoy our beautiful lake. The highlight of the evening is a large fireworks display.

The LWPOA publishes a Membership Directory with up-to-date phone numbers and address lists of all members as well as other info about our organization.

The LWPOA has quarterly member meetings where we can hear from interesting speakers on topics that affect us as lake owners.
When necessary, the LWPOA helps support any mosquito spraying program throughout the lake area.

As you can see, the opportunities are limitless.  But we need members and volunteers to accomplish all this. To join, just print and complete the form from our website
www.lakewedoweepoa.com and mail it in, along with a check for $30.


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