Monday, April 1, 2013

Lake Wedowee Living: Model Search Winner Katelyn Kirby

Model Search
Story and Photos
by Amanda Causey


 If you get the opportunity to meet Miss Katelyn Kirby, you will quickly realize there is something special about her. She has a contagious, carefree smile that always seems to be present on her face, and she has plenty to smile about. 

“When I found out I was the Living the Lake Wedowee Life model Search winner my first thought was it was such a great opportunity and I was excited to represent Lake Wedowee.” 
Our model search judges were so impressed with Katelyn they unanimously picked her as the winner. 
“I have grown up on Lake Wedowee and I am currently planning on getting a degree  in college that I can use to keep our lake clean and help protect it. I would also like to assure that it stays as beautiful as it is now. ”

Katelyn has recently been nominated to represent her school and community as a member of the National Young Leaders State Conference in Mobile, Alabama.

“When I found out Katelyn won the Lake Wedowee Life Model Search I was so proud. I knew how much she wanted this and was proud of the fact that she was chosen out of all the other wonderful and qualified contestants. For my family, this meant that the rest of Randolph County has noticed what we’ve known all along and that is Katelyn is a wonderfully talented and well-rounded young lady.” states Beth Adamson, Katelyn's mother. “To be able to be her mother is such a blessing to me because I know I have raised a self-motivated, well organized daughter who sets goals for herself and does everything she can to obtain those goals.”

Katelyn  truly embraces the Lake Wedowee lifestyle. Her model search entry biography speaks for itself.
My name is Katelyn Elizabeth Kirby and I’ve been living the Lake Wedowee Life for 12 years (my whole life). Every summer has been a new adventure, from swinging in my baby swing on the dock to actually being able to get in the water and swim. My mom said she always had to keep a very close eye on me because I loved to lean off the dock and look for “fishies”. When I was big enough to hold a rod I began fishing on the lake. Rides on the boat have always been my favorite thing to do, along with tubing. A new favorite lake activity of mine is kayaking with my family. The best part about kayaking is being able to look at all the plants and wildlife along the waters banks. Lake Wedowee is a huge part of my life and always will be!

While my summers are spent on Lake Wedowee my school year is spent at Handley Middle School where I will be in the seventh grade. I am in many extracurricular activities including dancing at Roanoke Academy of Ballet, & cheering for the Junior Varsity Handley Middle School Tigers. I’m very active in many school clubs including, The Tiger Lilly Garden club, HMS Student Council, Faith Christian Students, Girls Engaged in Math and Science (GEMS), & Accelerated Reading. I am an honor student at HMS. After I graduate high school I plan to attend the University of Alabama and study biology and chemistry. I plan to use my knowledge to help benefit Lake Wedowee’s ecosystem in my future.“

Katelyn’s parents are Michael & Beth Adamson and Mark Kirby. 

Special thank you to Lakeside Market & Grill  and to David Marlow (aka ‘Pop’ Katelyn’s Grandfather) for  allowing us to use his boat.

Our next ‘Living the Lake Wedowee Life’ model search contest will be announced  in the upcoming May issue. 

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