Monday, April 1, 2013

Good Fishing...Depends on how the wind is blowing on Lake Wedowee

Hooked on Lake Wedowee
by Bonny & Wendell Huddleston


One thing you'll notice if you hang out with bass fishermen long enough is that they are weird about sharing all the details of their success when they have a good day on the lake. If you walk up to one of their boats in the parking lot, most of the time the fishing rods are put up so you can't see what their using. Some of them will even put bogus lures out just to mislead you….and we all know the reputation for stretching the truth that fishermen have. 

I can't even get a straight answer from Barry Popham our marine patrol on Lake Wedowee. I ran into him one day on the lake while I was fishing. He said “Do you want to know where the fish are?” I said, “Yes that would help.” He said “They’re in the lake.” Then he said “No seriously I can tell you where their catching them.” He had my attention again. “They’re catching them in the mouth.” I had to laugh, because he had the ticket book in his pocket, but I was thinking what a "comedian”. 

So I decided to go to the school of hard knocks. You know…. where you learn from experience. While going to school I noticed the signs that fishermen were putting out while fishing without even noticing. They were everywhere. 

When you look out across the lake and everywhere you look there is a boat on every point but no boats back in the pockets. You know that people are fishing the points, all you have to do is figure out what the fish want for lunch. Sometimes that’s easy to figure out also. You can tell the difference between a fast and slow retrieve from a long way off, and sometimes even the color of the lure. 

The other day I was pulling into the shop and noticed four different boats at the store next door buying minnows. Later on that morning I counted seven boats in sight of the shop crappie fishing with so many poles out I don't know how they kept them from tangling, but I saw several of them catch fish. That tells me that if I had been off work I might have caught some crappie on minnows. 

Another thing I learned, the old saying "wind from east fish bite least and wind from the west fish bite best" holds true. When I look at the big flag in front of Lakeside I see which way the wind is coming from. When I see a westward wind and an overcast sky I get excited for everybody on our beautiful lake that is wetting a line. So the next time you are on Lake Wedowee look for the signs, after all people pay more attention to what you do than to what you say. So without saying a word the bass fishers are telling you all their secrets. Enjoy the lake ya'll.


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