Friday, February 1, 2013

Scott adds artistic flare to Lake Wedowee Life

News to Know
by Kelly Caldwell

When we decided to turn our Lake Wedowee Life cabin into a gingerbread house for Christmas, we didn't really know what the reaction would be. We figured there would be people that would want to take pictures and it would bring a smile to others faces as they drove by, but local artist Tom Scott surprised us.

Scott used our little cabin as inspiration for his Christmas Card this year and before Christmas he dropped by the cabin and presented us with the original watercolor painting of his Christmas card.

"I like to paint scenes of Wedowee for our card each year and this was an obvious choice," Scott said. Scott pitched another idea to us and we jumped at the opportunity.
Beginning with this issue, Scott has agreed to lend his artistic talents to Lake Wedowee Life in the form of illustrations and drawings of life on Lake Wedowee. We are thrilled to have his talents at our disposal and hope you will be pleased at this edition to our magazine family as well.

He does commissioned work from photographs as well and you can visit his website at www.tomscottpaintings.com for more information.


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