Friday, February 1, 2013

Lake Wedowee Fishing Advice | February March 2013

Lake Wedowee Fishing Advice
By Brian Morris, Fishing Guide

Happy New Year and welcome back to our beautiful Lake Wedowee.

I'm looking forward to sharing fishing tips throughout the year to help you land your lunker bass or big slab crappie. Feb and March is the best time to land the biggest bass on our lake. Look for the northern banks with chunk rock. These banks warm quicker than any other banks on the lake. Keep boat position parallel to these banks and throw a tight wiggling crankbait that will reach depths of 5-7 feet.
I recommend using a brown/chartreuse color according to weather fronts, water clarity and fishing pressure. l will also convert to a drop shot rig supporting a 4" finesse straight tail worm in a June bug or green pumpkin color. I will also throw a 3/8 oz black/blue jig supporting a green pumpkin trailer.
Now lets get to the crappie fishing. Look for northern banks and water temps that are sustained between 54-58 degrees. Casting 1/16 oz jigs black/chartreuse preferably 2-2 1/2" in size twister tails. Many colors will work according to water clarity so don't give up, you never know when you may stumble over the best trip of your life.
God Bless and good fishing!! Book your trip now for your Spring fling, spots are filling quickly.



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