Friday, February 1, 2013

Creative Crafting: DIY Hypertufa Planters

DIY Hypertufa Planters
by: Amanda Causey

Hypertufa (pronounced hyper-toofa) Planters are a fun way to display your plants & flowers in a natural and stylish way. This craft takes a total of 3 weeks to complete but requires a small amount of time from you. There are many steps so do not let them intimidate you from trying it out!

What You Will Need:
Peat Moss
Concrete Mix
Plastic Containers
Rubber Gloves
Cooking Spray
Rubber Hammer
Plastic Garbage Bag


I attempted this project twice, my first time was a crash and burn. Complete instructions as well as photos with each step are available here, as well as the crash & burn shots. If cured properly these planters are freeze proof and can be  left outside in the elements without damage. Next time I make these I will add texture, color and design. I spent a total of $25 on all of my materials, that averages out to about $2 per planter if you are mistake free. These would make great gifts for friends and family. Enjoy and if you make some send us a photo to share!

To see complete steps for this craft CLICK HERE.




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