Friday, February 1, 2013

Alcohol is HERE on Lake Wedowee!

Supreme Beverage Company, distributor of Miller and Coors products, helped make history in Randolph County Friday morning by delivering the first alcoholic beverages to be sold in the county and Lake Wedowee.

The citizens of Randolph County voted to legalize the sale of alcohol November 6 and county and state officials have been working ever since to make it available.

The first three establishments to receive their licenses from the ABC board include Lakeside Market and Grill, Wedowee South (formerly known as Cantrell's Store) and Weigel's Country Store. All three are expected to have deliveries today and were approved by the Randolph County Commission during Monday's regular meeting along with El Chilar and Scoops Restaurant and Campground.

Royal Beverage Company, distributor of Budweiser products, also made deliveries in the county on Friday.

To see more about alcohol sales in the county click here.


Well, i was born and raised in Randolph County. There have been a large number of people who did not want this. However, all the tax monies from sales and taxes have gone to the surrounding counties that Randolph could have used over these years. As long as this money is used wisely by those "in charge" it will be a good thing for growth. There are negatives, as in any county. Harris County, Ga has been "dry" all these years until this time as well. They are using the money for schools and other improvements that have long been needed.

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