Friday, January 18, 2013

Small Business Marketing - Who Is Your Customer?

In your business plan for 2013 it is very important to identify your customers or future customers. You need to think about the ideal person who should buy your product or use your service. Example, I sell real estate. I want to focus on selling to people who are looking to buy real estate on Lake Wedowee and in Roanoke, Al. 

My ideal customer for  Lake Wedowee real estate is a husband and wife that like boating, fishing or  want a retreat within 90 to 100 miles of their primary home.  They own their home and have bought and sold real estate several times in the past. They are financially stable with good jobs or retired with a good income source.  They are computer and internet savvy, have done their research on the market and have a pretty good understanding of the market and prices. They have talked to a lender, gotten pre-qualified for a loan and have established a price range in which they want to look.    They want a professional and knowledgeable agent that really knows the area, has strong negotiationing skills.  They will sign a buyer agency agreement when they find the right agent.
My ideal customer looking to buy real estate in Roanoke, AL has a totally different profile.  They are a local young couple and a first time home buyer.  Both work and have a good work history for 2 or more year.  They have saved a little money.  They have good to fair credit with some debt but have been careful not to over extend themselves.   They are very internet savvy and have smartphone(s) .    They search for real estate listings on their phone and have alerts set up to notify them when something new becomes available on Realtor.com, Trulia, Zillow, Oodle and many others.  They know very little about the home buying process and financing.  They want an agent who will explain to them the entire buying process including how to work with a lender and get pre-qualified for a loan.  They want an agent who will listen to them and understands their fears without talking down to them or being pushy.
It is easy to see the marketing stragedy and advertising plan will be very different for these two customer groups.   
Once you learn how to identifying your ideal customer(s) for your products or services you will then have a better understanding on what types of advertising and marketing strategies you should use to find more of these ideal customers.  You will also sell many of the "close to" ideal customers with a good advertising and marketing plan that targets the right audience. 

For more information on identifying your ideal customer... click here http://smallbiztrends.com/2012/04/identifying-your-ideal-customer.html


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