Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Traditions: It's Game Time

Fall Traditions

by Amanda Causey


Growing up as a child on the west side of Atlanta I don’t recall a whole lot about college football. Don’t get me wrong we had our UGA shirts and Ga. Tech flags out, but I don’t remember ever watching a college football game. We watched the Falcons every Sunday, but college football just never had  an important role in our weekend schedules.

Seven years ago I became a resident of the great state of Alabama! Shortly after moving here, on our Saturday shopping trips I noticed something strange. Every few houses that we passed on our way to town would have 10 to 20 vehicles parked in the driveway. I thought, “What the heck is going on at all these houses?” It was a year or so later that I was enlightened and came to learn that there are 3 things you better watch your step when speaking about in this area… Politics, Religion and College Football! THIS IS COLLEGE FOOTBALL COUNTRY!

As time passed people would ask  me “Alabama or Auburn?” like it was a “Paper or Plastic?” “One lump or two?” type of question. I didn’t realize that I had to chose.  I also learned that not only do you watch out what you say, you have to be careful who you are saying it in front of. Some people get fighting mad, or won’t speak to you for weeks if you trash talk “Their Team”. Getting thrown off someone’s porch for talking bad about “Their Team” is not my idea of fun! Having a close family member delete you from their Facebook friends for not rooting for “Their Team” is not the type of thing that should happen.

Since I know that I cannot be the only person who walks on egg shells while trying to make friendly conversation (wondering if I’m standing in line at WM Grocery beside a die hard Crimson Tide fan or the biggest War Eagle shouting fan in the county),  I have collected few tips to keep you in the college football neutral zone and keep your foot out of your mouth.

First and foremost is you have to be observant. Look at the colors the person is currently wearing. A die hard Alabama fan will not be caught wearing orange...just as an Auburn fan will not be caught in public sporting a crimson t-shirt. If those do not help look for a keychain, jewelry, or other accessories that might help you determine who is “Their Team”. Next check out their vehicle. Most die hard fans will have a tag or decal on their car/truck proudly displaying their undying support to “Their Team”.

Another tip for after you have spoken out and are starting to dig yourself a hole could be to just play dumb. Act like you have no clue about college football and hopefully the person you have angered will feel sorry for you. If you use this tactic just be prepared  for a lecture about why college football is the greatest thing ever...and why you should be cheering for “Their Team”. 

The last tip, and most important, is to do what I do. Avoid all conversation about college football in general and do not tell anyone that you are from Georgia!   

 So “Alabama or Auburn” you ask? If I have to choose then I say ROLL TIDE… because I look better in Crimson than I do in orange.

The following photographs are from our cover shoot for the October/November issue and include contestants that were available on the day of shooting from our "Living the Lake Wedowee Life" model search contest. Thank you to everyone who participated!




I love you Halei! I'm so proud of you!

Love, Aunt Alicia :)

My Halei Baby! Beautiful as always, and Mimi is so very proud of you as well but I'm always proud of you. I love you, Mimi

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