Monday, October 1, 2012

Lake Wedowee POA Annual Cleanup begins October 24th

Lake Wedowee

Property Owners

by Jim McAlear


The Lake Wedowee Property Owners have scheduled their annual lake clean-up for Oct. 24 through Oct. 27.  Volunteers will meet each morning at 8:00 at the highway 48 bridge boat ramp.  Having a clean pristine lake is beneficial to each and every property owner.  Keeping the lake clean is a continuous challenge and, as such, this is one of the most important activities that the organization undertakes each year.  The included pictures give you an idea of the amount of trash collected in our effort.  Just imagine what the lake would look like if this trash was allowed to accumulate. This year, the rains that we had this spring, while greatly appreciated, brought with them a lot of trash from the roadways.  The coves on both the Big Tallapoosa and the Little Tallapoosa accumulate lots of litter. 

The Lake clean-up just seems to grow each year and the LWPOA has many loyal volunteers that have been working for years on the clean-up and we couldn’t do it without them.  However, we need additional volunteers to help with the project.  If you can volunteer and bring a neighbor with you to help, our lake will certainly appreciate it.  Lunch is provided for all volunteers.  There are several ways you can help: You can participate directly by driving boats and collecting garbage along the shoreline.  You can participate behind the scenes and help out with T-shirts or meals.  You can help with the advertising or donate drinks, ice, boat gas and food. 

We always have more people than boats so if you can volunteer a boat please call one of the numbers below.  LWPOA pays for all the gas and will clean your boat afterwards if necessary,

Alabama Power's Renew our Rivers program is a tremendous help on all of the lake cleanups around the state and the southern region. They provide manpower, T-shirts, and barges to haul the garbage to the shore. From there the Randolph County Commissioners do their part by hauling the stuff to the disposal facility. The community service workers, are a tremendous help to our efforts, as they supply lots of manpower for our cause.

Lake Wedowee Property Owners Association contributes financially by providing boat gas and all of the other necessities for the cleanup.  We couldn't do it without this coordinated community effort.  So mark your calendars for October 24th through the 27th and join us at the highway 48 boat ramp at 8:00.  Call Marlon Glover at 770-823-6761 or Bob May at 256-357-2656 or Sheila Smith at 256- 396-5093 if you have questions.




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