Friday, August 3, 2012

Creative Crafting DIY Lake House Coasters and Summer Wreath Alternative

DIY Custom Coasters
I made this craft per a special request by one of our readers, Kim Stone.  There are so many possibilities to customize this craft to your style. I made four printable sets that you can download for free on our website.
I used 4x4 stone tiles ($3.97 for 8) from the home improvement store. Print the coaster set of your choice, cut and adhere to tiles with modge podge. Once dry use a spray shellac to cover the front. Allow plenty of time to dry(4-6 hours). Use felted tabs on the bottom to avoid damage to furniture.

To download coaster sets and to view additional photos and get more details about this craft CLICK HERE.

           DIY Wreath Alternative
This wreath is a simple way to add an end of summer touch to your door. I used a scrap piece of water hose, an old watering can with a succulent planted inside and some leftover flowers  from a previous craft.


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