Sunday, May 27, 2012

Creative Crafting: Patriotic Wreath & DIY Message Board

Creative Crafting
By: Amanda Causey

Patriotic Wreath

This burlap and tulle wreath with painted canvas “flag” is a 2 part craft. You can make them together and have this combo or  make them separate and have 2 different décor pieces. Cut your burlap into two-three inch strips and work into a wire wreath form. Cut strips of tulle and insert as you see fit. Paint a square canvas red & white stripped and add a decorative 3-demensional star to the middle. Hang canvas with twine.  To see detailed instructions, tips and photos of each step click here.

Magnetic Message Board
This message board is hanging at my desk. To create this look you will need an old cookie sheet, fabric (I used burlap left over from another project), ribbon, and magnets. Measure your fabric about an inch over each side of your cookie sheet. Hot glue the edges keeping the fabric tight. Hot glue ribbon to the back to create your hanger. I decorated this one with some additional ribbon on the edges. Use pre-made magnets or get creative and make your own. Using vintage buttons or brooches is a good way to incorporate family heirlooms.

To view detailed instructions of these crafts, as well as see other crafts please visit www.GreenOwlCrafts.com


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