Saturday, March 31, 2012

Who you gonna call when.... Lake Wedowee Life Advertisers

We know that some of you may be new to the area or use the magazine as a phone book (I know that I do). With that in mind, we thought it would help to know who to call (of our advertisers) when the following situations occur. Hope this handy reference sheet helps you!

You load up the boat with all your friends and it won’t crank? D&S Marine or Wedowee Marine

You need to clean your 3rd story windows and don't have a ladder? Fiberglass Unlimited offers boom truck rental

You jumped a big wake  on your jet ski and chipped your tooth when you landed?

Dr. Michael Edwards

You want to catch the Big One on Lake Wedowee? Brian Morris or Reed Montgomery

You need an adjustment after  catching the Big One? Steele Chiropractic

You want to attend a church service while here? Worship on the Water

You want to give your yard its Summer makeover? Wedowee Landscape , Greg's Lawn Care, Morning Sun Nursery, or Randolph County Farmers’ Co-op

It’s almost supper time? W&M Grocery, Perryland Foods,  Hill Top Store or Lakeside Grill

The power goes out? Tallapoosa River Electric or Alabama Power (Depending on your service provider)

You need a unique gift for that someone special? H&M Drugs, Sheppard's Jewelry or Meleah Oglesby

You need a new grill on your deck to BBQ? Hall's Propane or Superior Gas

You want to add an upgrade to your dock? Docks Plus More

Your car starts making a funny noise on your way to the lake? Affordable Tires for Less or Lake View Auto Sales or buy a new one at Clay Automotive or Scott Evans Nissan

You have a property dispute with your neighbor? Scott Hewitt, Kesa Johnston Dunn, or Chad Lee

Your furry friend is sick? Main Street Animal Hospital

You want your own place to stay here without commitment? Lake Wedowee Rentals or Wedowee Lake and Lands

You want to change your status from visitor to resident? Wedowee Lake and Lands or RE/MAX Lakefront

You want to know how to pay for it? Bank of Wedowee, SmallTown Bank, or First State Bank

You want to insure it? State Farm Insurance

You have land but want to build a house?  Charles Thompson Construction or Mac McKinney Properties

You have a house but want to change it? A&E Metal, Norton's Flooring,  Bledsoe Painting, or Wedowee Building Supply

You want to watch your favorite football team on television at the lake? Satellite Specialist

You want to store your stuff during the changes? Summit Storage

Your dishwasher flooded or you had a grease fire in the kitchen? Southern Restoration

You want elderly relatives to be close by? Williamsburg Manor

You want to get more involved in preserving the quality of Lake Wedowee? Lake Wedowee Property Owner’s Association

You want to further your education? Southern Union State Community College

You want to get involved in promoting businesses or relocate your business here? Randolph County Economic Development Authority


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