Saturday, March 31, 2012

Repurposed Christmas Trees make Fish Habitat on Lake Wedowee

For the second time on Lake Wedowee, Christmas Trees are finding a new purpose after Santa Claus has come and gone.

Close to 300 Christmas Trees were deposited around the lake this winter to provide inviting habitats for numerous species of fish.

“We did this a few years ago, but it’s hard to coordinate unless we have another group to get involved,” Shelia Smith with Alabama Power Company said. “This time around the Lake Wedowee Property Owners Association stepped up and said they would help.”

On Feb. 6, volunteers from LWPOA, local Boy Scouts and personnel from Alabama Power Company tied the trees in bundles of four and then installed the bundles in groups of five to different areas of the lake.

“We have marked the locations with GPS and by late spring, we should have them on the website” Smith said.

The trees were dropped about 50 feet from the shoreline in less populated areas on the lake. The trees are tied to concrete blocks and float under the surface.

“We put them closer to shore and they are not a safety concern for skiers, wake boarders, or swimmers,” Smith said. “They are under water a good bit so it’s not like they could hurt anything.”

The trees were collected from the cities of Wedowee, Roanoke, and Carrollton, as well as by individual residents who dropped off their trees at Randolph County Concrete.

“We plan to help with this project every year,” Tom Garland, LWPOA chairperson, said.

Fishermen interested in finding the GPS coordinates to the habitats can go to www.alabamapower.com/fishdata.


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