Monday, April 2, 2012

Living the Lake Wedowee Life Model Search Winner Addison Wells

Model Search
Story by Kelly Caldwell
Photos  by Amanda Causey

Addison Wells is your typical 16-year-old boy. He sleeps late, hangs out with friends, and eats a lot. However, in the fall he won the first-ever Living the Lake Wedowee Life Model Search, and it came as a complete surprise to him.

“This is something my mom did,” he said. “I didn't even know about it until I saw my picture on facebook.com. When I won, I knew that there were going to be a lot of girls really mad about it.”

Wells and his family have been coming to Lake Wedowee since he was a toddler, and the 16-year-old has been like a fish to water ever since.

“There have been so many 'Addison stories' over the years,” Kim, his mom, said. “And, some of them would be pretty unbelievable if I had not seen them myself.

“I remember one night we were sitting up at the house and Addison was down on the dock fishing,” she said. “All of a sudden, there is a commotion and he yells ‘the fish took my pole.’ And, he jumps in after it.”

Kim watches her son swim after his fishing pole and a while later he comes walking back, pole in one hand and the fish in the other.

“I didn't doubt he would come back with the fishing pole, but the fish too, that was a surprise.”

Wells, a sophomore at Saks High School, plays football and runs track, but pretty soon, he will be trading in his track shoes for his wakeboard.

“I love coming to the lake,” Addison said. “It's just something we have always done.”

As a child, Addison became a bit of a local hero when he saved the lives of his babysitter and her granddaughter.

“He doesn't really like to talk about it,” Kim said. “But, we were really proud of him.”

Alyris Bradford had been learning how to swim the summer of 2006 and during the Fourth of July holiday had come to the lake with her grandmother Geraldine. Alyris took off running toward the water and jumped in without a life jacket.

“Geraldine didn't know how to swim, but she jumped in after her granddaughter, not really realizing how deep the water is here,” Kim said.

They both began floundering, and Addison had been riding his four-wheeler at the road.

“He had always been told not to drive it down a neighbor's driveway, but thankfully he didn't listen that time,” Kim said.

Addison ran down to the dock, put on a life jacket and jumped in after the pair who were in distress.

“He got to Alyris first and got her back on the dock, but he couldn't pull Geraldine out of the water,” Kim said. “I am still amazed that he was able to think so quickly, but he got in our paddle boat and was able to get to Geraldine in time and bring her back to the shore.”

For his efforts, Wells received a certificate of commendation from Gov. Bob Riley as well the gratitude of the Bradfords' for the rest of their lives.

Being named the first Living the Lake Wedowee Life winner, Addison has enjoyed a prize package which included a photo shoot by Beau Monde Photography, a kayak from Wedowee Marine and Lake Wedowee Life, a gift package from First State Bank, and a prize pack from Mary Kay representative Meleah Ogelsby.

Lake Wedowee Life magazine will launch the Second Living the Lake Wedowee Life Model Search in June, with the winner being announced later in the summer. The next winner will also be featured as a cover model for the 2013 Guide to Lake Wedowee which publishes in April next year.

Thank you to all our sponsors and contestants as well as the Wells family for making the first contest a success.


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