Friday, February 3, 2012

Neighborhood Publishing Creates Framed Art

Small Business Spotlight

What began as a special wedding gift for a friend has turned into the latest expansion for Neighborhood Publishing, the creators of Lake Wedowee Life magazine.

“Really we were looking for something fun and funky for a wedding gift for Jim and Kesa Dunn,” Kelly Caldwell said. “I knew how much Kesa liked posters and we had the idea to create a custom poster for the event.”

Instead of a poster of pictures, Framed Expressions artwork uses words and phrases to create a one of a kind piece.

“Jim and Kesa had a very small wedding and we used the first names of those invited as the background of the piece,” Caldwell said. “It was a very personal present that they have displayed in their home.”

Since September, Framed Expressions has grown into a secondary business thanks in part to the success of high school football in this area.

“We really came into our own later in September because of the Clay Bowl,” Caldwell said. “We knew that it was the last one, the two teams would play because of the creation of Central High School of Clay County and we wanted to do something special to commemorate it.”

“The Last Stand” features the names of varsity football players and cheerleaders from both Clay County High School and Lineville High School.

“We worked on that poster for four days straight,” Caldwell said. “We had to pay careful attention to colors used for players names. It just wouldn't do for Shawncey Simmons name to be in red and Demetrius Lindsey's name to be in blue. I think we checked both rosters about 10 times each.”

The final result was revealed on facebook.com in the week prior to the game and on game day, there was a booth set up to sell the posters.

“We also got the seniors football players from both teams to sign a poster that we are going to be giving to the new school, kind of like a house-warming present...” Caldwell said.

Framed Expressions also make great fund-raisers for organizations. Before Christmas, the Woodland Marching Band sold Framed Expressions featuring the band as gifts.

“Neighborhood Publishing has always been about supporting and promoting community projects,” Caldwell said. “We know there are organizations that have to do fund-raising projects throughout the year, this venture with the Woodland Marching Band allowed us to offer them a one-of a kind item with no out of pocket costs.”

Neighborhood Publishing also created a commemorative Handley poster featuring the football players and coaches of the Class 3A State Champions.

“Most people know us as Lake Wedowee Life,” Caldwell said. “And, that's great because that is what we do more than anything else. But, as new projects come along, we want the community to know that we are here to help.”

Other projects Neighborhood Publishing designed this year included the Randolph County Chamber of Commerce Summer on Main brochure, the Randolph County Sheriff's Department Rodeo Program and Dance Center on Main's calendar.

“We do a variety of work and have several great projects in the works for 2012,” Caldwell said.


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