Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Chill Out Homemade Orange Sherbert

Simply Fabulous

Story by Darlene Bailey l Photo by Kelly Caldwell

Just how much higher will the temperature gage go?  Man oh man is it  hot or what?  Flowers,grass and gardens are pleading for rain and pets are  hiding in every shade they can find.  The place to be is on the lake  either splashing in the water or in a boat with the breeze in your face.   Cooking  is not my friend right now.  By the time I sweat to death in the kitchen, I've lost my appetite.  Something light and cool is on the menu at my  house.

My family looks forward to summer because when May arrives I break out the ice-cream freezer.  Every Sunday night I make a homemade freezer of ice-cream.  By summer's end everyone has had their turn at their favorite flavor.  I will be sharing a recipe for Orange Sherbet.   It is the easiest and most refreshing pleasure ever!  So break out the freezer  and Let's Get Chillin’.

1 2 liter bottle Sunkist Orange Soda
1 can eagle brand milk

Blend together well in a blender.  Pour up and freeze as usual. (see  easy!) *you can also use other flavors like pineapple, strawberry or lime.

Please let us know what you think of our recipes. You can email me directly at baileydp1@aol.com. I love feedback.

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