Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Camps


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Story by Kelly Caldwell

With summer, comes lazy days playing on the lake, vacations on the beach, and just an overall slower pace for most. It also means parents will be looking for activities to keep children entertained.

Southern Union State Community College offers two opportunities in June to not only entertain school aged children and teens, but also offer a little education at the same time.
Children attending Southern Union’s Kids Kollege will gain knowledge in several different areas including science, art, dance and sports. The half day camp begins June 20.

Kids Kollege, open to children in first through sixth grades, offers its participants an opportunity to get a little taste of college life as well as have a lot of fun in the process.
“We want it to be educational, but we want it to be fun and creative as well,” Shondae Brown, director of Kids Kollege, said. “It's a very hands-on experience.”

Kids Kollege slated for June 20-23 is designed to provide youth with an opportunity to explore and develop various skills related to creativity in a fun, supportive environment. This year there will be instruction in five disciplines including Art, Health, Dance, Sports and Science.

“Because we are in such a rural area, we feel it necessary to do our part to expose the youth of our area to the arts and different opportunities that they may not be exposed to elsewhere,” Brown said.

Fine Arts Camp picks up where Kids Kollege leaves off. It is open to students entering the seventh grade through college-aged students. It focuses on three disciplines of instruction...music, theatre and dance.

The four-day experience also includes a field trip to the Auburn University Raptor Center.
“This will be a really great experience for the children,” Brown said. “They will get to learn about the birds that are housed there...”

The cost of Kid's Kollege is $60 per student and its made possible through grants by the Coosa Valley Resource and Development Council as well as sponsorship by the Southern Union State Community College Alumni Group.

After Kid's Kollege comes to a close, SUSCC begins Fine Arts Camp which is open to students entering the seventh grade through college.

“Fine Arts Camp picks up where Kid's Kollege leaves off,” Steve Spratlin, Associate Dean, Chair of Fine Arts, said. “That way we don't lose a population of students.”

The cost of the two-day camp (June 29-30) is $109 and for those eligible, academic credit is available.
“We tie it into our fee structure because those in 10th grade and above can receive one hour of academic credit.” Spratlin said.

Fine Arts Camp focuses on three areas – music, dance and theater.

“The camp is structure so that each student receives instruction in all three areas, but then the student chooses a concentration in one of the three areas to receive more extensive instruction,” Spratlin said.

For more information, visit http://www.suscc.edu/


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