Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Star Spangled Fun

News to Know
by Amanda Causey

This July 4th will mark the 3rd annual Lake Wedowee Fourth of July Boat Parade. The event’s organizers Kelly Caldwell, Randy Morris, and John Tinney are very enthusiastic that this year will be the best one yet.
“There will be a few changes this year,” stated Kelly Caldwell  “we are adding extra categories. We were overwhelmed by the 40 plus entries we had last year. Increasing the prize categories will give more opportunity for others to win.” Looking over the photographs from the past two years it’s easy to see that people are getting more creative with their boat décor  and are spending more and more time planning to have the best looking boat in the parade. 

This year there will be 5 categories to win first place in and 1 grand prize. The Grand Prize Category will be named “Pride in Wedowee”. This boat will have to encompass as many of the 5 categories  as possible. The winner will also receive recognition  with their photograph placed at all sponsor locations until next July Fourth.

“There have been so many great boats that it is hard to pick winners. We can’t make everyone a winner, but we want people to know how much we enjoy seeing their boats and what they have come up with.” stated event organizer Randy Morris of Wedowee Marine.

Other categories, which will receive only one winner for each will be: Most Outrageous, Star Spangled Celebration, Best Mascot,  and Most Spirited.

The Most Outrageous category will be awarded to the boat that is decorated...well most outrageous. It’s  for an “outside of the box” thinker and anything goes. Boats that are decorated in something that is not typically 4th of July, but still have American concepts will be perfect for this one. Some examples of past boats who could have won this prize would be last year’s  “Take me Out to the Ballgame” baseball float, or the Hawaiian themed boat from 2 years ago.

The Star Spangled Celebration category will be awarded to the boat that exhibits the best use of the American Flag. Please see “Respect Our Flag” to the right to make sure your decorations are not discourteous to Old Glory as well as the spectators and others involved.

Best dressed mascot will be a fun category for everyone. Whether you have your pet dressed as Uncle Sam or your child dressed as Lady Liberty there is not restriction on who or what is your mascot.
Most Patriotic is the best way to show you American Spirit. The Red, the White, and the Blue are symbolic to Americana and our nation’s spirit.

Bea creative and be sure to check out this issue’s Creative Crafting for inexpensive and fun ways to get the whole crew involved in decorating your entry.

To enter your boat please visit one of the sponsors, Lakeside Market & Grill, Wedowee Marine, Lake Wedowee Life Magazine and RE/MAX Lakefront. You can also visit www.lakewedoweelife.net and click on the Fourth of July Boat Parade at the top. The entry fee is $10.00. I hope to see you there!

Respect Our Flag


We love to see everyone’s boat decorated in the most patriotic way. Please keep in mind to be respectful of Old Glory. Below are some rules and guidelines so you can get the most out of respecting the American flag and America.
         Study the United States Flag Code . Many people do not understand that this is a legal issue. Specific Federal laws regulate the display, maintenance, and disposal of the flag.
        Learn about the history of the flag.
        Understand flag etiquette. How do you salute it, and when. Military persons in uniform salute it with a military salute when it is paraded or when the Pledge of Allegiance is said, civilians remove their hat with their right hand and hold it over their left shoulder, or if they are not wearing a hat, they hold their right hand over their heart.
          Display the flag properly.
          Dispose of a retired flag by burning it. The idea is that a flag should not be seen in a trash heap or mixed with garbage.
        Do not abuse an image of the flag.
        Display the flag properly. When flown in the United States, the flag of the United States of America flies higher than other flags, and it is the largest flag of any group it is in.


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