Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Helping Neighbors

The state of Alabama experienced terrible tragedy at the end of April when more than 20 tornadoes touched down in the state. Luckily the Lake Wedowee area escaped April 27th unscathed, but that doesn’t mean we were not affected. Most of us knew of someone in the storms (my younger sister and cousin were both in Tuscaloosa during the horrific tornado), and the compassion for our state was immediate. Locally relief efforts were organized immediately and numerous truckloads were sent to our brothers and sisters in the storm ravaged areas.
That made me realize once again how great it is to live in the South. We take care of our own down here, no matter what. And, that great kindness and humanity displayed since the storms needs to continue. The residents of the communities devastated by the storms are in better shape than they were on April 28, but there is still a lot to be done in rebuilding the state of Alabama. I know how easy it is to forget about things as time passes, but those communities continue to need our  help because the pieces are still being put back together.
That is why this year, our annual Fourth of July Boat Parade proceeds will benefit the American Red Cross and the Tornado Recovery Effort. We believe it is important to help a good cause while we are celebrating the American  Spirit and this year that spirit was shown to me in numerous ways since the tornadoes that took so much from our state. We will continue to give back until normalcy is restored to all those impacted. 

Enjoy Life!

Kelly Caldwell


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