Wednesday, June 1, 2011

America Means to Me

Megan from Mrs. Heard’s 4th Grade Class created this scene to celebrate America. The fourth graders at Wedowee Middle School were all asked to explain why they loved America. We selected some of the best to share with our Lake Wedowee Life readers.

We are proud to be Americans and decided to ask our Fourth Graders at Wedowee Middle School why they loved America,too.

Why I love America
By Keisley Cotton
Margret Jackson's
 4th Grade Class

I love America because we have freedom and independence. I love the way some people take the risk to put their lives in danger for other people's freedom.
Another reason why I love America is that you can choose any pet or animal you want. I mean it's a free country – live life how you want it to be!

Also, if you want to go somewhere to eat, like a restaurant, you can. You can eat food from around the world here in America.

I have some more good reasons why I love America. One is that if you have a dream, you have freedom to follow it.

In America, we are not criticized by our decisions. We all have choices of what we want to be when we grow up. The possibilities are endless.

All in all there are thousands of reasons why America is the best country in the world. That is why I think you would love America like I do.

Why I Love America
Trenton Lane
Kim Heard's 4th Grade Class

I love America because other people in other parts of the world don't get the same freedoms we have here. Some people have to live in blocks with a tin on top of it. In some places people have to get permission to go to one place or another far away. Some places you have to pay money to get in school. In some places you have no stores or cars and some don't have freedom of speech.

I like America because you get to eat and you have a good place to stay. You get a chance at good jobs. We can go to a good school and some places don't have a bus to take them to school. In some places in the world, you have to go to just one church. In some places a person doesn't like the way you look, walk or talk and they just put you in jail. In some places in the world, they can send you to boarding school for a long time because they don't have schools near your home. In some places you can't be different races or people will be prejudiced to you.

The reason I love America is that we get to do things other places don't get the power to do. These are the reasons I love America because other places don't have what we have here.

Some students supplied art work in addition to their essays. Will K. from Mrs. Kim Heard’s Class was chosen as a winner.

What America Means to Me
Olivia Walker
Jill Phillips 4th Grade Class

What America means to me is that we have the freedom of religion. Each community has a church or maybe more you can choose from. You even have different types of religions in your community. You can choose to go in your community or go out of your community to another church. It doesn’t matter because we have the freedom of choice.
Another great thing is the power to vote. We can choose by voting who we want in office, from local, state and national. Sometimes the one you vote for doesn’t get the office. If the  person in office does a great job, we can try to keep them in by voting them back in. If we disagree with their job we can try to vote them out by replacing them at the next election. We have the power to help choose our next official in the office. That is why it is important to vote.

One more thing is the right to bear arms.  Which means we have the right to purchase guns, pistols, and ammunition, which around here is great because people love to hunt. They hunt deer, turkeys, rabbits, squirrels, quail and several more wild animals you can eat. I love America, it’s a great place to live.


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