Friday, April 1, 2011

Lake Wedowee Means to Me

Small Town Life
by Alicia Hernandez

It was Labor Day weekend of 2005 that my family first visited Lake Wedowee. Despite growing up in Alabama, I had never heard of Wedowee prior to our invitation from our friends to join them for the holiday at their cabin at Sunset Point down County Road 129.

We spent the day cooking out, boating, tubing, laughing, touring cabins for sale, and having a grand ole time.
By the end of the day, we were putting a deposit down on a cabin on lot number twenty that is now affectionately known as “Casa Alicia” for our family and friends.

After six years of traveling almost two hours many weekends from Montgomery, we have thoroughly enjoyed becoming a family at Lake Wedowee. At the time we purchased our cabin, my husband Francis and I were engaged to be married later that December.
He and I and along with his two children have spent many hours playing games, boating, tubing, wakeboarding, exploring and making many friends here at the lake. Not only did we optimize the opportunity to “get away” from all of the bustle of the “big city”, but we used the time to truly connect with one another by not spending the time watching television, playing video games, constantly checking facebook, or texting on our cell phones.

Instead we spend our time playing games, playing on the lake, or having dinner on our screened-in porch with one heck of a view of the lake.

In addition, we have made many friends that have become family.  Friends that have come to our side when grandmothers have passed, come to help build raised planters for a girl scout Gold Award project for our daughter, let us borrow a cup of sugar or whatever else that we may need, and meet for dinner just to celebrate Christmas.

So time at Lake Wedowee has come to not only mean quality family time for the four of us but for the four of us to actually experience the old-fashioned sense of community, as well.
It is the feel of the small town and the sense of neighbors helping neighbors that we have thoroughly enjoyed and thank God that our children have been able to witness.

There is definitely something special about this little community we call our home away from home. So we continue to come to our little cabin down County Road 129, affectionately known as “Casa Alicia”, to celebrate, solidify and expand our family.

Lake Wedowee means to me is a new feature for Lake Wedowee Life. We would love to hear why you love Lake Wedowee. Please tell us in 500 words or less and be sure to include pictures! Email us at news@lakewedoweelife.com. We will pick one submission per issue to feature in Lake Wedowee Life.


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