Friday, April 1, 2011

Skeeter For President

                                                                   Redneck Adventures
                                                                             by: Skeeter

Well, spring has just about sprung and I’m about  ready to ruffle a few feathers on some gobblers or maybe set the hook on a big stripper! We even got plans for a big water lizard hunt later on this summer!

Thing looked like our economy was on the rebound and then low and behold gas prices goes sky high. So as you all know this will result in higher prices on all our consumer goods. Building materials will get higher, which will cause all those folks who could get a loan (cause they had a job) to think twice before taking the plunge!

To be honest about the whole president thing, you couldn’t get me any closer than I already am, which ain’t very close. I can’t really fathom why anyone would want the job, but on the other hand I do believe I could do a better job than the last couple we’ve had! I believe we need to regulate fuel prices rather than let some “jack-leg” on Wall Street play with our livelihood. If they want to buy futures in something, let them buy futures in porkbellies not oil. I’ve never really understood the purpose of the stock market to begin with, but I do know if they are making money it is costing all of us more money.

After all there is no such thing as “FREE MONEY” somebody got to foot the bill. I don’t know if ya’ll remember the car tags back in the 70’s, but the two I recall the best was “EAT MORE POSSUM” and “GRASS,GAS, or ASS NOBODY RIDES FOR FREE”.

Up until a few years back, no one had ever heard the term CEO and now I am not sure but I highly suspect that these CEO’s are the same bunch of outlaws who received all of that “bail-out” money not too long ago. Bank CEO’s, Insurance company CEO’s, Oil company CEO’s and all them other CEO’s ought be all throwed in a sack and given a new name...S.O.B.’s. No one in the world needs more than a million dollars a year salary much less anywhere from 10 million and up (and yes that includes professional athletes and coaches).

I think we should come out with a new political party-”The Redneck Party’. After all, that’s how Charlie Daniels old song went-”What this old world needs is just a few more Rednecks”. I don’t think we’d get much support from either the liberals or conservatives, so we could just refer to it as the “COMMON SENSE PARTY”. Now the Common Sense Party would have more sense than to have a trillion dollar trade deficit with China and I know they would have more sense than to borrow money from China and put up our National Forest as collateral! I think they would bring our oil from Alaska home to the United States rather than sell it to Japan, China, and Russia. You know I bet they would even give tax breaks to new American businesses rather than foreigners who  come here just to take advantage of the money our existing politicians gives away so freely.

Dad always said that the Republicans were for the “rich man”. They were never referred to as conservatives until the one time conservative Democrats got so damn liberal!  Well , I feel like the Republicans are pretty conservative these days, reflected by the laws they pass to conserve all the wealth for the already rich banks, insurance companies and oil executives. (CEOs).

Now those Democrats I don’t believe have a clue about what to do, they just want to try something new. I don’t know for sure, but I believe they are the ones responsible for these new upside down mustard and ketchup bottles! If it ain’t tore up, don’t fix it!!!!

I do feel like we’re not given much of a choice when we step into that voting booth. We pretty much just vote for what we think would be the lesser of the evils offered. I think the ballot should list all the candidates and then the last spot be labeled  “NONE OF THE ABOVE”. I know a lot of the time that is one I would mark!!!

Well I guess by now, ya’ll realize Old Skeeter just ain’t smart enough to be President, after all it took someone a whole lot smarter than me to get us in the mess we are in today..



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