Friday, April 1, 2011

Natural Twine Pendant Lighting

Creative Crafting
by Amanda Causey

Natural Twine Pendant Lighting
This pendant globe light is an easy way to incorporate a natural look into your home or outdoor recreation area. This project is also environmentally and child friendly! Enjoy!
Light Kit/String Lights
Modge Podge
    Latex Gloves


· Inflate your balloons to the desired size.
· Fill a bowl with Modge Podge sealant.
· Coat long lengths of the twine.
· Wrap the twine around the balloon. Be sure to  cover all areas of the balloon and leave enough openings for the light to escape.
· Hang the project to dry (for at least 24 hours, more if at all possible)
· Pop the balloon and slowly remove it.
· Hang your finished product in the light fixtures, or you can make a mini set and use on indoor/outdoor “Christmas” lights.


Remember Earth Day is April 22nd!. Plant a tree to help protect the environment and our children’s future!


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