Friday, April 1, 2011

Local Master Gardeners host Annual Plant Sale

News to Know
by Kesa Johnston

The East Central Alabama Master Gardeners Association (ECAMGA) will host its annual plant sale on the morning of Saturday, May 7, 2011, at Rocks and Stuff on Highway 431 between Wedowee and Roanoke. Master Gardeners host the annual sale in an effort to raise money for the organization. ECMGA is supported by the county extension agencies and its members are required to receive 40 hours of training and to book 50 hours of community volunteer hours prior to be certified as Master Gardeners. Each year thereafter Master Gardeners are required to offer a minimum of 40 hours to community service efforts. ECMGA hosts bi-monthly workshops that are open to the general public on topics that range from beekeeping and pruning to growing fruit trees and planting perennials.
The local Master Gardener organization has more than 35 members and have completed many community service projects including plantings at the Annie Awbrey Library in Roanoke, Wedowee Hospital, and other projects that include pruning and assistance for those who are unable to take care of their yards and plants. There are 36 of Master Gardener organizations in Alabama. ECAMGA ranked number 18 in total number of volunteer’s hours for 2010. The organization is always looking for new members and any help with community projects. This year’s president is Laura Gasser who can be reached at lgasser@mindspring.com
Now is a great time to stock up on your favorite perennials and shrubs and the MG plant sale will have a great variety to choose from with all proceeds going to a great cause. You will find a great selection as well as great prices that are much lower than chain stores plus you can feel good about buying LOCAL!!!

Kesa M. Johnston is a local attorney who is an avid supporter of local farmers. Her office website is www.thepowerofadvocacy.com. Please contact Kesa at kesa.johnston@yahoo.com.


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