Friday, October 1, 2010

A Little Prevention Can Save you $$$$

News to Know
by Randy Morris

We are fortunate to live in the south for many reasons, one of my favorites is an extended boating season due to our mild climate. There is a time when there is some required maintenance that must be performed to protect your investment in  your  boat or personal watercraft. There are several applications and each has it own requirements which can be found in your owners manual or by visiting your local boat dealer.

Key areas to be noted in all winterization or extended storage are the engine, fuel system, drive unit, and battery. The primary inboard/outboard engine manufacturers recommend the following service be performed prior to extended storage with  possible freezing temperatures. Change the engine oil and filter, run the engine to operating temperature and fill with recommended antifreeze, fill fuel tank with fresh gasoline and treat with fuel stabilizer, drain outdrive and refill with new gear lubricant, engine to be fogged with fogging oil, and fill battery with acid and fully charge. Outboard, most inboard jet, and all pwc engines require much of the same previously mentioned maintenance with the exception of filling the engine with antifreeze which is not required when engine and drive unit has been properly drained.

The boat or pwc should be cleaned and a coat of wax applied to the gel coat, interiors should be cleaned and coated with a protective product such as 303 or Bow to Stern, this will keep  your boat looking good and make it easier to be ready for the water come springtime. Other helpful hints for preventative maintenance are placing a moisture control bag in the interior of your boat when stored with cover in place, this helps cut down on the mold and mildew, store the outdrive in the down position to keep the bellows from developing an unwanted memory which can cause premature rupturing, and don’t forget repack the wheel bearings on your trailer and repair or replace worn carpet on bunks, check the trailer tires and wiring harness.

Fall of the year, after a long summer boating season, is a great time to do a thorough inspection of your boat and trailer to repair or replace all those things that you just would not take the time for during the summer. This will keep you in the water next spring having fun and not in the repair shop…..to pick up a free copy of recommended boat inspection list visit us at the Marina, our service center, or email me at randy@wedoweemarine.com

Randy Morris is the owner of Wedowee Marine, the largest full-size marine dealership on Lake Wedowee. Visit http://www.wedoweemarine.com/


It's better to be ready when the climate is unpredictable.

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