Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Trashing the Dress

For Better or For Worse:Trashing the Dress
by Amanda Causey

After the wedding is over what do you do with the dress...Spend hundreds of dollars to have it professionally cleaned and preserved? Not anymore. A new photojournalism trend is giving brides another option for what to do with their dress after the big day is over. “Trash the Dress” has become a popular term in wedding photography. Photo sessions are typically staged days, months or even years after the initial wedding and showcase the Bride’s individuality. It involves a bride wearing her dress in unusual places which may result in a "trashed," or ruined, dress.


“Trash The Dress” is not always about destroying the gown beyond recognition. It is a way for the bride’s style and personality to come out from the restraints of a traditional wedding ceremony. Sometimes called “Rock the Dress” or “After Sessions” to deter from the term trashing, these post wedding photo sessions are an opportunity for the bride and groom to let their imagination and creativity fly. The photography session traditionally takes place a few days after the wedding. In some cases women who have been married for years are dusting off their wedding dresses and giving it a go. These shoots are stylistic and creatively staged at Victorian mansions, lakes, barns, forests or even amusement parks.

Although gown trashing has become a popular post-wedding trend for brides, it is not for everyone. One of the most frequent criticisms is, it is wasteful to ruin a gown that can be donated to charities or even resold. However, many brides feel they have purchased the gown and can do with it what they please. Other brides only engage in trash the dress if their gown was stained or ripped during the actual wedding, therefore making it difficult to donate or re-sell. The idea of damaging the dress that was specially chosen for such a momentous occasion is another reason some brides find dress trashing in poor taste. The gown is a piece of history, representing the beginning of a new life, one where two people committed their lives to one another.

Finally, some women consider the  potential uses for the dress to be a reason to avoid trashing it. They may want to hold onto it and wear the gown  during a future vow renewal ceremony or in case their daughter or daughter-in-law may want to wear it during her wedding.

Whichever position you take, the trend is here to stay. This trend is something that will always be a buzz worthy topic of discussion for years to come.

To see the complete album or more “Trash the Dress” ideas visit: beaumondephotography.blogspot.com.


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