Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Not So Guilty Pleasure

Simply Fabulous
by Darlene Bailey

Now that the holiday's are behind us, and we have all probably eaten our way  to Disney World and back, I know what you are thinking...  Time to loose some  of that weight gain. 

The big question is which diet are you going to try  and tackle?  I have learned the best way to loose weight is not, that's  right not go on a diet but change your eating habits.

 A few simple  adjustments such as buying lesser calorie items like bread, milk and soda make a  huge difference.  Microwave popcorn is a great late night snack because you  can honestly eat an entire bag with little damage.  Switching to decaf. tea  and soda help to assist your body in ridding itself of water gain. (caffeine retains)  Instead of 3 large meals in your day balance with 2 lighter  choices and 1 not so light. 

By making smarter choices you'll never have to diet again.  After you have dropped a few pounds reward yourself with my  mouth watering chocolate pie.  No one will ever know this is a "diet"  desert. 

Time for you and your sweet tooth to join me in the kitchen

 Let's Get Cookin.

Light Chocolate Pie 
8 oz. cream cheese (fat free)
11/2 cup cold milk (skim)
1 T spoon Splenda
2 cups cool whip (light)
1 sm. pk. instant chocolate pudding (sugar free)
graham cracker crust
Cream 1 T spoon of milk, splenda and cream cheese together. Fold  half of cool whip into mixture and pour into crust. Mix pudding and rest of milk well and pour over mixture. Top with remainder of cool whip and chill.

Please let us know what you think of our recipes. You can email me directly at baileydp1@aol.com. I love feedback.
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