Friday, October 1, 2010

We couldn't do it without our readers!

Letter From the Editor

One of the most frequent questions I am asked is how we come up with stories for Lake Wedowee Life… The easiest answer is also the simplest! When I think of story ideas, I think of you, our readers.

Our readers are a very diverse group and when I choose topics for the magazine, they have to appeal to the majority of our readership.

Since Lake Wedowee Life hit the streets in 2008, (Can you believe we are nearing our 3rd year anniversary???), we have strived to use our voice to promote the Lake Wedowee area, and it’s not limited to the 272 miles of shoreline.

As more and more people discover our wonderful lake, our readership grows and let me tell you...Ya’ll humble me.

    With each request we make or crazy idea we dream up, ya’ll are there with fantastic support. Pages 34 and 35 are perfect examples of that support. The pictures we have received over the summer of people having fun on the lake are great, and I love that ya’ll share them with us. With that said, we received a lot of pictures this time and if you don’t see your submission, please be patient. We didn’t have room to include them all but we did attempt to include at least one picture from each reader that submitted. (And, don’t worry...we have an issue every two months and you never know when the pictures might show up.)
The picture I included here wasn’t a reader photo, but a reader did give me the opportunity to take it and I promised him I would share it. Our local celebrity pilot, (Bob May “The Float Plane Guy”) took me up for a ride a few weeks back and we saw the most fantastic sunset. I didn’t think any of the pictures turned out until I came across this one. I loved it and thanks to a reader I got a chance to capture that moment in time.
Ya’ll are the best and keep checking our Facebook fan page (www.facebook.com/lakewedoweelife).  I am sure we will issue new challenges soon!

Enjoy Life!

Kelly Caldwell


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