Friday, October 1, 2010

Heritage Day Lineville Nov 6

News to Know
by Kelly Caldwell

The first settlers came to Lineville more than 175 years ago, back then there weren’t the conveniences we have today.

People came to town by wagon, they sewed their own clothes and made their own food. The light bulb had not been invented and there was no running water unless you count Crooked Creek.

To say it was a simpler time is an understatement in today’s society of gadgets, gizmos and conveinces.  Imagine roughing it in the woods for a few days (without your cell phone of course) and you might get a glimpse of understanding of what it might have been like…
Or, if you can’t begin to imagine life without your cell phones, lap tops and mp3 players, visit Lineville Nov. 6 for the Ninth Annual Heritage Day, and you can discover some of the old world practices our ancestors used.

“We really are excited about this year’s Heritage Day,” Darlene Alldredge, President of the Lineville Merchants Association, said. “We have a lot planned and hopefully a few surprises that are still in the works.”

The day will begin at 9 a.m. with craftsmen demonstrating skills such as black-smithing and  caning furniture.

“Heritage Day is about seeing where Lineville came from so you can appreciate what it is today,” Alldredge said.

There will also be horse and buggy rides, an antique tractor show and quilt show.
Carolyn Smith will be the tour guide for historic downtown bus tours.
“Carolyn has so much knowledge of the history of Lineville and she does such a great job with the tours,” Alldredge said.

Arts and craft vendors will be selling their wares and a new addition to the day will be the food court.

“We are setting up all the food vendors in one location this year which will be something different,” she said. “I know that we will have steak sandwiches done by the Cattlemen’s Association and then there will be Polish Sausage Dogs, barbecue, funnel cakes, kettle corn and other festival food.”

The Sons of the Confederacy will be doing re-enactment demonstrations every hour and there will be a dedicated children’s area with different activities.

Music and entertainment will be throughout the day and there will also be a live auction.
“We encourage people to come dressed in costume for Heritage Day,” Alldredge said. “There will be a contest and prizes awarded.”

The event is sponsored by the Lineville Merchant’s Association and will also serve as the town’s participation in The Great Alabama Homecoming.

The Alabama Tourism department named 2010 as the Year of Small Towns and Downtowns and 215 cities and towns across Alabama are participating in the festivities.
There are homecoming events and festivals going on practically every weekend from mid-March through mid-December.

Each event will be commemorated with a historic marker about each town.
For more information about the Great Alabama Homecoming visit http://www.alabamahomecoming.com.

For more information about Heritage Day, call Alldredge at 256.396.1201.


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