Friday, October 1, 2010

Alcazar Car Show : November 7 Lineville

News to Know
by Kelly Caldwell

For more than 20 years the first Sunday in November has meant one thing in Clay County.

The Alcazar Car Show, now in its 23rd year is one of the largest single day car shows in the Southeast.
The show began as a fund raiser for the Clay County Shriners Club to make a donations to Shriner's Hospital in Atlanta.

“We were looking for ways to give more money and Tommy (Hicks) and I both like cars,” Dr. Bob Steele, one of the organizers, said. “That first year we had about 150 cars and we thought it was a great turnout.”
However, thanks to the organization of Hicks and Steele, the Alcazar Car Show has grown to average more than 800 cars a year and this year the show looks to have close to 1,000 cars come to Lineville Nov. 7. And, the organization also could break the $300,000 mark in total donations given to the hospital.

“It seemed like every year for the first 10 or so, we would swear we weren't going to do this again,” Steele laughed. “But, then we would start to hear how much people enjoyed it and how much they were looking forward to next year...Then we were hooked again.”

The car show has seen its fare share of changes over the years including opening the show to vendors and doing away with the awards.

“In the beginning, the Shriners would do all the cooking and as our members got older they didn't feel like they could continue doing it,” Steele said. “They wanted to stop the show, but instead we outsourced the food.”

A few years into the car show, Steele and Hicks visited a car show in North Alabama where there were no awards given. They liked the idea so much they brought it back to Lineville.

“We take the money that would have been dedicated to awards and create a money tree,” Steele said.
The “Money Tree” is a big board with envelopes attached. Each car receives a number at registration and there are drawings throughout the day to pick envelopes off the tree. The envelopes have different prizes.
“This way all the cars are on an even playing field when it comes to prize money,” Steele said. “And, the people really appreciate it because this is a laid back car show. The people get to go and have a good time instead of worrying about the competition factor of it.”

The most recent change to the car show began last year, when the organizers did away with pre-registration.
“Having registration only on the day of the show really speeds things up,” Steele said. “We don't have to check off names or anything like that. We take the money and give them a registration sheet and name plaque. The line into the show is a lot more manageable for the cars.”

Registration is $20 for cars and vendors. Steele is also quick to point out all kinds of vehicles are welcome.

“This is just a car show, it is not limited to antique cars,” Steele said. “We have all kinds of custom, classic and unique cars that make the trip to Lineville every year.”

He went on to say the community support of the event makes it less stressful on the club.

“We have so many volunteers that come out the day of the show to help,” he said. “We couldn't do it without them.”


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